mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Deux poids deux mesures ?

Toujours sur le site "Objectif Tintin", on apprend :
"Dans le nouvel album de Blake et Mortimer "La malédiction des trente deniers", il y a un clin d'oeil à Tintin. En effet, page 52C3 et page 53A1, le tableau du chevalier Francois de Hadoque dans le "Secret de la Licorne" figure dans le salon du yacht de l'infame Beloukian."
et aussi :
"page 8, le fétiche arumbaya dans l'appartement du professeur Mortimer !"

Et on peut lire dans ma condamnation (p. 26) "les couvertures des ouvrages de Monsieur Garcia reproduisent de manière quasi identiques des objets notoires de l'oeuvre d'Hergé", à savoir : "la statuette fétiche de L'Oreille cassée, [...] ainsi qu'un tableau extrait des Secrets de la Licorne (sic)".

Est-ce que la Maison Tordue va attaquer Dargaud pour "La malédiction des trente deniers" ?
Bien sûr que non, je plaisante !
Ces gens-là ne frappent que les petits. Si possible dans le dos.

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Anonyme a dit…

I'm typing you these lines in english, since my french is very bad, I must apologise.
First of all, I have no knowledge about your essays, but I'm sorry to hear you got into such terrible trouble with obviously no way out. I dearly hope the situation has cleared up and there was some kind of agreement - there must be in the name of humanity and concerning your family.
Unfortunately the last entry of your blog is from january.

See, this entry is very interesting regarding the "newest" "Blake and Mortimer - La Malédiction des trente deniers" (which I am a huge fan of). I unfortunately didn't have the chance to have a look yet, but van Hamme/René Sterne/Chantal De Spiegeleer (now it's getting a bit longer) are not the only ones having small "drawn" Tintin "citations" in their work - just think of Goscinny/Uderzo "Astérix chez les Belges" with their wonderful hommage (in one panel).
Vice Versa: Hergé did the same with the head of Asterix some years before in "Tintin et les Picaros" (including also Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Snoopy).
I don't remember in which album, but somewhere in "Gaston" a "Tintin" album can be seen at some booth (+ a drawing of Obelix at some wall). A reference to Tintin appeared in the Simpsons, Donald Duck comics ("Topolino" - and this in a whole story!)

I can understand (in case Moulinsart is reading this) when they get mad about the cruel stuff, containing ideas about Hergè's or Tim's sexuality (racism is one other thing, but can for sure be explained with "Zeitgeist") and if it's simply piracy of a whole album, or the attempt to produce new albums. As an artist you for sure can be protective about your creation, no question about that - especially when it's such an icon, but for sure it should be allright when other artists say "chapeau!" in a friendly way - like in "Portraits héroïques de Frank Pé" (which printed version unfortunatley also comes obvioulsy without Tintin and friends - but Spirou, Corto Maltese, Lucky Luke, Blueberry!
I hope they rethink and make it possible to have also these wonderful paintings included in a reprint or a second issue. Whom, if not Tintin is the king of comic characters and should get a place there? (Micky Mouse... just kidding!)